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How do you say everything you want to say in one introductory letter? I think the answer is that you don’t. You just tell bits and pieces about yourself until the whole picture begins to emerge. That’s what I hope will happen here, with me and with the Town of Mt. Pleasant. Every month, a new piece or two of the puzzle and every month, hopefully, a new light will be shed.

I am a linguist and a writer by trade and at heart. I come to this position as your editor with a background in Spanish interpretation and food blogging. Facilitating understanding and a sense of community through words and food is my passion. There is nothing that I love more than seeing a blossoming friendship form where the lack of a common language or a lovingly prepared meal once prevented it. My professional and personal experiences have shown me the importance of being integrated in your community and with the people around you. It makes us happier, it makes us wiser, and it makes us better world citizens.

I bring my enthusiasm for connecting people to their community to Mt. Pleasant Lifestyle, and I hope to curate a view of our Lowcountry community that entices you to get out and be a tourist in your own town. Get to know your neighbors, stop in to check out a locally owned store, have a cocktail and some small plates after work on Shem Creek, head over to the farmer’s market on Coleman, or just make your way to the top of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and take in all Mt. Pleasant, SC has to offer. Scour the pages of Mt. Pleasant Lifestyle magazine and discover something new every month, right next door.

This month we are all over town with some fun, local spaces and faces for you to check out. May this be just the beginning of your love affair with Mt. Pleasant, its people, its sights, and its spirit.

Rachel Castejón, Editor