Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Lifestyle 1

With our inaugural edition, we introduce to you, dear Reader, an entirely new way to learn about and enjoy living in Mt. Pleasant. We are continually encouraged by what a great community it is in which to live, work, play and raise your family! As the fastest-growing city east of the Mississippi, once again, there is so much that is new and exciting, much to be discovered and much to be explored. We will bring that to your door each month.

Kicking off our inaugural edition is Mayor Linda Page anchoring our “Parting Thoughts” column each month. Page is not just our mayor, but she is that rarer than rare individual who grew up in the Sullivan’s Island/Mt. Pleasant area and still resides here as a business owner and community leader. She offers a unique perspective on life and living in Mt Pleasant that you will not find elsewhere…and she’s our mayor! Be certain to read her “Parting Thoughts” on our last page each month.

My career has focused on the print media business. I love the tactile feel of a magazine and ink-on-paper. Nothing quite compares to it. It is such a powerful way to communicate, even as we embrace our digital future. So in between editions, follow us on social media to stay current with local events and see what we’ve been up to. I feel blessed by the opportunity to bring Mt Pleasant Lifestyle to the community. Birthing it has been a labor of love and it is a path to which we are deeply committed.

This is a vibrant and dynamic community with a remarkable past and a bright future yet unwritten. New houses go up daily and families move in. Our schools are filled to the brim with excited young children. New roads are built and existing roads are upgraded. Enterprising adults open new businesses. A new high school is on the drawing board and everywhere around you is the buzz of a community on the move. So join us and let’s journey together as we explore your community – its people, its traditions and its future.

Bill Northrop