Get to Know the Staff

“Be not simply good; be good for something.” 
-Henry David Thoreau

It is this idea that many grapple with around the holidays, especially when it comes to giving back. Is it enough to only be in possession of a loving and genuine heart and soul? What purpose does a good heart serve if it is not serving others?

This month we got to check out East Cooper Meals on Wheels. Providing sustenance and friendship to some of the Lowcountry’s homebound residents, this group really shows what it means to give of yourself. And like most other acts of service, the volunteers walk away with their hearts as full as the recipients’ bellies.

If you are sports inclined, (as I am not, save for a yoga class here or there), you are certain to find your volunteer home with Special Olympics. Read about Coach Shelli Davis and athlete Nikki DeWitte in our article on this fantastic group of people. You might be inspired to pick up a club and start practicing your swing with some of Mt. Pleasant’s most dedicated athletes!

You don’t have to belong to any specific organization to give back. Start in your own neighborhood. Is there someone who needs help mowing their lawn? Mow it. Did your neighbor just go through a tough time? Make them a meal. Offer to babysit. Or, just keep them company. Giving back is most effective when we think globally, but act locally, to use a clichéd phrase.

As we head into the year’s busy season, may we take the time to count our blessings and to spread them around. May we remember to cherish our time with loved ones and to keep those whose loved ones are faraway in our thoughts. And most importantly, may we strive to be good for something.