From the Editor's Kitchen 5

A Spanish Navidad

Every year the Castejón household is visited by the Three Wise Men. They visit us on January 6th and bring us brightly wrapped Christmas presents. Does that story sound a little funny to you? I promise it is true, as true as Santa Claus really does come down my chimney on Christmas Eve.

My husband, Alfonso, is from Spain, where instead of looking forward to waking up to gifts from Saint Nick on December 25th, children have to wait all the way until January for a visit from los Reyes Magos (or the Three Wise Men). So, in order to make sure we hold on to all our cultures’ traditions, we exchange presents with our friends and family on Christmas Day and we exchange presents with each other on Three Kings Day.

Obviously, a day as special as el día de los Reyes Magos deserves it’s own namesake cake. Every culture has one: the Italians have panettone, we Americans have fruitcake, and the Spanish have the unbelievably beautiful roscón de reyes. Filled with sweet whipped cream and topped with toasted almonds and dried fruits, the Christmas cake houses a little figurine, baked in the dough, that bestows good luck on the one who finds it. We like to hide seashells in ours to mix a little Lowcountry charm into the Spanish pastel. 

Don’t forget to sip a bit of minty espresso goodness while you bake- it’s the Spanish thing to do! Don’t forget the Bailey’s.