A Healthy New Year

Making smart changes without the stress

I was upset last October when I read an article that suggested we are all our skinniest in the fall and it takes 5 months to lose the weight we typically gain in the 10 weeks between Halloween and the New Year. So, I decided I’d be good to myself and not indulge in every holiday treat that I came across last Thanksgiving. Now don’t get me wrong, I drank plenty of wine and ate plates full of turkey and carbohydrate-laden favorites like cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, and macaroni & cheese. I am also guilty of having a few of my favorite sweets, like fruitcake. Yes, I like fruitcake. So here I am in January deciding if my New Year’s resolutions should include an exercise routine. I am no stranger to exercise, but I like to go the dentist more than I like to go to the gym. I’m the first to admit I should take up yoga because I have heard you are as young as your spine is flexible, but the thought of myself in fashionable yoga pants on the floor in a downward dog is not very appealing. I have attended a few Zumba classes and I do love to dance, but I always seem to be stepping to the left when the rest of the class is stepping to the right. I did join a gym last year with my kids and even though it was a great value, I couldn’t justify the expense since we only went about once a month. However, I do miss the massage chairs.

My brother Tony and I competed in the Charleston Healthy Challenge in 2010 and I was the biggest loser with a total weight loss of 50 pounds. So, even though I’m poking fun at myself, I do understand the importance of physical fitness and a clean diet. My daughter Audrey and I have committed to eating healthy by limiting anything wheat, white, or processed. That means we eat loads of lean meats, tons of vegetables and some fruit. I find I feel lighter even if the scale keeps lying to me. Exercise may not be my favorite thing but I manage to stay active at Page’s Thieves Market. Although I’m edging close to 60 years old, I can still load and unload trucks full of antiques and furniture with the best of them. I guess, for me, healthy is being active and being happy. I enjoy a glass of wine with a close friend more than doing planks, but I think there’s something to be said about keeping your stress levels down. So as I contemplate 2017 and what I’ll do that’s good for me this year, I think I’ll strive to be mindful of the choices I make regarding food, and maybe I’ll vow to walk the dogs to the Old Bridge everyday….or maybe once a week. I may not increase my fitness level this year, but maybe I’ll meditate more, spend more time with friends and family, and continue to fill my life with laughter. I hope your 2017 includes things that are good for you. Remember, don’t just live….create a life.