Cold brew coffee 4

Barista Vending offers local craft coffee to the Lowcountry

Do early morning peppermint mochas have you feeling the winter-sweat-pant blues? Do pumpkin spice lattes leave you feeling more like a pumpkin spice potato? Are you a coffee lover who is thinking of ditching your daily cup for a healthier alternative? If you answered yes, then there is a solution for you: cold brew coffee by Barista Vending.

If you have ever thought that black coffee is simply too bitter to enjoy alone, it’s time to rethink your cup. Many people are familiar with standard hot brewing coffee methods. However, hot brewing is often times the culprit for the burnt taste that makes black coffee unbearable to even the most die-hard coffee fans. And while many coffee lovers may choose to accept the bitter taste of hot brewed coffee, masking it with sugars, sweeteners and creams, Barista Vending has decided to cold brew their beans for a smoother, more health-conscious cup.

“Coffee is very delicate,” Jim Luby, co-founder of Barista Vending revealed. When hot brewing, the coffee bean breaks down and releases natural oils that are responsible for its bitter taste. However, when coffee is cold brewed, those oils stay put. As a result, the acidity is significantly reduced, creating a smoother and healthier cup of coffee. “Cold brewing is a lot like steeping tea,” Luby elaborated, “it slows down the process and there is an entirely different reaction.”

Not only does the reduced acidic content of cold brew result in a smoother cup of coffee, it is great news for your stomach lining and tooth enamel as well. “Our goal is to educate people on the benefits of cold brew and to offer a craft beverage that is healthy,” Luby declared.

Two years ago, Jim Luby and partner, Drew Wynne started Barista Vending as an in-home operation. “We bought a bunch of beans and started cold brewing at the house,” Luby recounted. Today, over thirty offices and ten stores and restaurants in the Charleston area carry their cold brew.

Barista Vending is changing the way that the Lowcountry takes its coffee, one cup at a time. We know that you don’t have the time to meticulously brew the perfect cup of coffee every day, so why not let the professionals do it for you? Don’t like your coffee cold? No problem. Cold brew coffee can easily be heated while maintaining its health benefits and rich, pleasant flavor.

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