Letter from the Editor 1

If I have learned anything from my recent jaunt into yoga, it’s that for every advancement you make in your physical fitness, you make two in your mental health. What started out as a way to tone arms and increase stamina turned into my go-to way to relieve mental stress and anxiety. After 30 years of being an on-again-off-again exerciser, I am now a full-blown yoga convert for life.

When I started yoga, it was with Youtube videos and double stacked towels on my living room floor- no mat, no cute yoga pants, no real teacher showing me how I should be bending. After about 9 months of working my way up to feeling as though I could attend a beginner’s class, I signed up for my first official group yoga class. I was surprised that I was not as terrible as I had originally thought. I probably could have gone months before and still have kept up, but fear of being too far behind stopped me.

After several more months regularly taking classes, I can now say I am still going strong. I’m not dead lifting couches nor am I sticking my legs behind my head, but I am a better version of myself mentally and physically. I feel accomplished and proud of what I have done with my body and mind.

To echo a little of what has been said in this issue in regards to health and wellness: Don’t be afraid- you are probably better than you think, do find something you love to do, and always celebrate your own, personal accomplishments. As cheesy as it sounds, no change is too small and no form of exercise is too silly.

Get motivated with our health and wellness issue. If you lay it flat on the floor you can read it while you downward dog. Happy New Year, y’all!