Doing what you love 1

This month will be my last one with Mount Pleasant Lifestyle magazine. I have so enjoyed helping get this publication off the ground and being a part of a fantastic inaugural team. In the six short months I have spent getting to know you and our community better, I feel infinitely more connected to those around me than I did before, and this is part of what makes my life so sweet.

This month we are talking about love- not just romantic love. Often times we hang our hats on romantic relationships to give us meaning and purpose in life. As many of us know, it doesn’t always make for smooth sailing when you canalize all your love into one person. Spread it around. What do you really love to do? If someone said, “What do you love?” and the answer couldn’t be a person, what would you say?

One of the things I would say is that I love to write. A friend from my elementary school days once gave me a lined journal as a present. I started writing that very day, proclaiming on the first page of what was the first in a long line of journals, “Today is my 10th birthday.” That journal entry was accompanied by a shaky drawing of a balloon in black ballpoint pen. Today the journal writing still continues, but it is accompanied by regular postings on my foodie website and I’ve exchanged the pen sketches for photography.

So, chasing my love of writing, I will be working on several projects including regular blog entries at I will be doing what I love and I hope you continue to be inspired by Mt. Pleasant Lifestyle’s articles showcasing your neighbors, friends, and family doing what they love.