Pub Talk 11

I love the movies.

I’m so grateful that I’m married to a woman who enjoys them as much as I do.

We love going to Mount Pleasant Towne Center. And, what a local delight Cinnebarre is. Cinebarre’s motto is “Eat. Drink. Watch movies.” I mean, you can enjoy a beer and wings brought right to your seat. How cool is that? To cinephiles like us, it just doesn’t get any better.

For several years now, we have challenged ourselves to see every Best Picture nominee prior to the Oscars. In so doing, we end up seeing most of the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director nominees as well. It really makes watching the Oscars fun because you have honest opinions about who was the best this or that.

The challenge is actually being able to find all the movies in Charleston. A couple of years ago, the Academy expanded the number of Best Picture nominees and so now there is always an “art” film or two which the critics love, but are hard to find in our local theaters. Charleston is not Atlanta, which can support art house-type movie theaters and venues, so it can be a challenge to get that last movie in. Sometimes we get lucky and find it on video which is kind of cheating because our “rule” is we have to see it in the theater for the full experience.

We attend lots of movies throughout the year and we have our rituals. First, the movie has to have received halfway decent reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. We’re open to lots of genres, but not bad movies. Second, we MUST arrive early. This has been an ongoing sore spot in our marriage. My wife insists we have to be seated before the first preview rolls. So we are. Third, we always sit middle of the row halfway up. When you arrive early you have choices.

I find the movies such a delightful escape. Sitting there in the semi-dark waiting for the movie to begin there’s an anticipation of what’s to come. Sometimes you’re disappointed. But, sometimes you leave truly delighted. La La Land was that for me this year. Seemed kind of like a chick-flick-musical-love story at first and then it turned out to be so much more. I was smiling from the opening scene and thoroughly enjoyed their engaging and refreshing take on a well-worn theme.

So get out to the movies! Go to Mount Pleasant Towne Center and splurge on a big tub of popcorn. You have my permission. Or, venture to Cinebarre and order a bourbon.

Then, wait for the lights to dim and enjoy the show!