Get Your Game On 23

Five pro tips you need this golf season

Spring is here, and it’s time to knock off the cobwebs.

In preparation for golf season 2017, we reached out to Golf Professional and PGA Apprentice, Billy Ross, of Rivertowne Country Club in Mt. Pleasant to get the lowdown on how to start your season off right.

Get back into the swing of things with these five pro tips:

Get moving:

Although golf isn’t high intensity, once you step onto the course, you begin using muscles in ways that you normally wouldn’t.

“Golf takes a toll on the back, shoulders, and legs,” Ross explains, “And the first time that you come out, you’ll be more sore and tired than you expect.”

To combat this, begin a workout regime. Walking and stretching are the key components to having the flexibility and movement that you’ll need to make this season great.

Warm up:

Instead of suffering through the first game, take some time to practice before your first round this spring. “I wouldn’t go straight to the golf course,” Ross cautions, “I recommend going the day before to hit a bucket of balls.” Warming up is the key to regaining your timing and knocking off the winter rust.

Practice your short game:

Short game can be more difficult to master, but Ross reveals that it is the key component to scoring well and seeing improvement in your game. You can practice in several ways: tripping and putting around the green, bunker play, and hitting 100 yards in. He suggests that if you don’t have time to hit a bucket, visit the putting green instead.

Focus on your swing:

Timing is a key component to the swing, and swinging too fast or out of rhythm can make your game ugly.

“Focus in your head that you want to swing smooth and slow,” Ross says, “Hit with 75% of your power, rather than 100%.”

A ball hit with 75% power and better contact will surpass a ball hit with full power and less precision.

Seek out a local professional:

Whether you need to set goals, build a solid foundation, or get your game back, a local golf professional can help. “Seek out one of your local professionals and inquire about lessons,” Ross suggests. Lessons are highly individualized and can take as little as thirty minutes. Not sure where to start? Rivertowne Country Club is home to numerous pros who are willing and available to help get you moving along this season. With outstanding weather and courses to be envied, Mt. Pleasant is truly a golfer’s paradise. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, this town offers something to every level of golfer.