Glorious Spring 1

What is it about spring that makes us feel happier, lighter and more youthful?

William Shakespeare wrote, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” He was right about that—April is usually when we begin to recognize the first buds of the season; feel that lightness of spirit.

Though the New Year brings a sense of new beginnings, we have to muddle through winter—the uncertainty of the weather, the quirky slant of the sun, the short hours of daylight and by the time spring arrives, we are ready for it.

We live in an area of temperate climate and despite the fact we can get out and enjoy the many activities our community has to offer nearly year-round; no season brings us out in droves more than spring time. It is a respite from the short days of winter and the pause before the humid heat settles in to stay for the summer.

We dust off the patio furniture, pull out our gardening accoutrement and get our hands in the dirt; garden, plant and trim. Spring lushness surrounds us—the bright greens of our lawns and parks, the colorful flowers that seemingly overnight, shoot up out of the ground or the pots we’ve planted them in. The air brings in breezes of serenity.

Our spiritual warrior awakens and there’s a sense of rebirth. Nature and its inhabitants are noisy and glad about it. We get out and do—walk, run, exercise, take on a new challenge and clear out the clutter—literally and metaphorically—and we feel inspired and renewed.

In this issue, you’ll read about the people who founded a Mount Pleasant tradition, “The Blessing of the Fleet,” and how this month marks its 30th anniversary—bigger, better and more beautiful than ever. A local golf pro gives tips about how to improve your game, just in time for one of golf’s busiest seasons. Master gardeners highlight what to plant to make your garden gorgeous, or what to choose if your green space is limited. A professional organizer gives tips on how to decide what to keep, toss or donate, and how the act of opening up space in your closet can open up your life.

Our pages give you glimpses of our wonderful community and the people in it. I hope you’ll get out and say hello to each other. Breathe in the season, get a spring in your step.

Happy Spring!