Pub Talk 13

If I lived in Des Moines would anyone ever visit?

There is a lot to love about the Lowcountry – the weather, our welcoming Charleston culture, food!, the ocean, Southern hospitality and the list goes on. There’s a reason Charleston is consistently ranked as a top tourist destination.  What this means to us…is visitors… or as I say, the “Florida effect.” When we lived in Florida years ago, I found it amazing how many old Northern friends and distant relatives suddenly wanting to re-connect, particularly during the winter months. I never knew I meant so much to them.

And I welcomed each and every one of them. You simply cannot have too many friends or too good of relations with extended family. So visitors visited and we did the whole Florida thing – over and over and over again. Yet even realizing I was often a friend or family member of convenience, there was never one time it failed being a rich time talking about old times and catching up with each other’s lives.

Now we live in Mt Pleasant and it is Destination Charleston for friends and family. I still love every visit regardless of how remote the connection. I love exploring the city and the surrounding area. It does not grow old to me. I am proud of Charleston, its rich history and the way so much has been preserved.

It is not Florida with its theme parks  and acres of asphalt. Thank God. It is Charleston with its abiding Southern hospitality, sweetwater baskets and exquisite cuisine.

Recently I welcomed six female high school classmates – all at once. They choose Charleston this year for their annual girl’s weekend and I was touched they reached out wanting to re-connect. My wife and I met them downtown at  the Charleston Grill on King St. (where else?) and enjoyed a delightful evening talking about old times, old friends, friends no longer with us, kids and grandkids. High school was many years ago but it did not seem like it, the years evaporating before us.

So welcome your friends, walk King St. for the umpteenth time and bring them to the USS Yorktown to spend some tourist dollars in Mt Pleasant. And be melancholy when they depart.

Time is fleeting, relationships are precious and you could live in Des Moines.