The Lovely Lull of Spring

What’s Not to Love?

Who doesn’t love Spring? It starts quietly as daylight lingers a few more moments each late afternoon. Birds start singing a little louder and the air is scented with the subtle aromas of blooming flowers. We find ourselves longing to open windows, have lunch outside, take trips to the garden shop, and buy new flip flops. Nature’s paintbrush promises art; worthy displays of azalea, wisteria, tea olive and all varieties of southern shrubs. Neighborhoods are filled with sounds of children playing outside a little longer each day, and they don’t quiet until the streetlights start to glow. We hear their laughter through our open screened windows.

Spring is my favorite time of year.

Winter has tied me down with gray days, heavier clothing and equally heavy food, but Spring brings the Farmers Market with juicy plump strawberries that stain your hands,  arriving first from Florida, then from our Boone Hall Farms. There’s asparagus and tender mustard greens, and the last of winter’s collard greens begin to taste bitter as days warm up.

Local playground fields crowd with young baseball players, while their parents slather themselves with Skin So Soft to combat the dreaded no-see-ums. My yard becomes green, not from the sod we laid last fall, but with every type of weed you can imagine. It’s the one time of year my lawn appears lush. Then there’s that yellow greenish bane of anyone who suffers from allergies: pollen dust to coat our cars, patios, ponds and our lives.

Spring won’t last long. It will fade into even warmer days and the laziness of summer.  We will lose the desire to plant flowers and instead, just sit on the patio. Fans are replaced with air conditioning, and the brown marsh grass will ever so slowly become vibrant green. So, let us enjoy the meditation of Spring, the uncluttered life that it promises with the brighter daylight that we are brought, and the blessed sense of renewal here on the pleasant side of the river. Bask in the sunlight, but don’t forget to enjoy the rain. Welcome the gentle showers needed for Earth’s awakening from her winter slumber.

Please throw some caution to the wind this season. Try some special spring rituals: go for a bike ride; fly a kite; lie in the grass to hunt for four leaf clovers; climb a tree; put your blanket under the stars and pretend you remember the constellations. Go to the pond to feed the ducks, and while you’re there, try and skip a stone. Eat some jellybeans, or better yet, eat some Peeps. Go buy a really great umbrella and then plan on getting caught in a spring shower.

And, remember don’t just live. . . create a life.