Dear Moms

The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day.

May is my favorite month; it’s my birth month and usually, May’s weather, in all parts of the country, is steady, sure and accommodating. Like a mother.

When my sisters and I were children, we’d wear red roses on our dresses on Mother’s Day Sunday. Where I grew up, red flowers meant your mother was alive, while pinning white flowers to your clothing honored a mother’s memory.

I am fortunate that I can still wear a red flower on Mother’s Day. My mother, as beautiful as the day she buttoned me into my first dress, remains a strong presence in my life.

I don’t always agree with her or she with me, but I inherited some of her best traits—persistence, compassion and creativity, as well as some others. “You can be so stubborn,” she says to me. Really, Mom, I reply to her, where did I learn that? We are the same. We are different. But our love for one another is fierce and enduring. My sisters wear their motherhood beautifully; with boundless energy, passion and pride. I am often astounded by the responsibilities they juggle as they mother, day-to-day; it’s never ending, but so worth it they say.

A mother’s love–it’s as constant as the stars and as infinite as the universe. It never wavers. It’s love-you-down-deep-no-matter-what kind of love.

This issue is dedicated to women who make our lives brighter and better—through their leadership, boldness and wisdom. They go about their lives making a difference and often, it goes unnoticed. It is part of who they are—their nurturing, giving, mothering—they add color and beauty to our lives, make it more wondrous.

I am not a mother in the traditional sense (as all my children have paws), but I mother. We are mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, companions and we thrive in leadership positions—whether that be outside or inside the home—we are worthy.

You’ll read about five women in our community who not only excel in their chosen professions, but direct, protect, volunteer, heal and turn chaos into order. They have busy, full lives and their lovely spirits embrace life’s goodness and in turn, life gives it right back to them.

Call your mother. Buy your grandmother some flowers. Take your wife out to dinner. Hug your sister. Thank your lucky stars for all the women in your life.

Enjoy May.

And, to my mother and sisters–and all Moms in every capacity–thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!