Dr. Mary Ann Larkin 4

Making a Difference From Generation to Generation

Dr. Mary Anne Larkin has spent her career making sensory connections—helping patients improve their hearing and reconnecting them to what they’ve been missing.

Practicing audiology since 1983, she founded Advanced Hearing Care on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard in Mount Pleasant in 1993.

“It is very rewarding to watch my patients become revitalized by the ability to hear more clearly.” Larkin explains. “Enhanced hearing improves my patients’ quality of life by giving them renewed energy and overall wellness.”

Giving back to the community is paramount to Larkin. Providing free adult hearing screenings and serving as a speaker and expert on the subject of hearing loss and tinnitus in civic organizations, health institutions, senior community groups and public gatherings is only part of her professional wheelhouse.

In her spare time, Larkin is an active member of Hibben Methodist Church, supporter of East Cooper Meals on Wheels and a fierce competitor in the U.S. Tennis Association (UTSA) 4.0 league.

“My father was a physicist, a profession some call a ‘rocket scientist,’” Larkin says, laughing. “He later became a university professor and fully committed to whatever he attempted. He instilled a very strong work ethic in me and I grew up with an intrinsic desire to learn and work diligently.”

Larkin attended Purdue University, where she met her husband, Brian and while there, found her niche in the science of hearing.

“I was always interested in science and medicine. When I read about Purdue’s audiology program and realized there was also a counseling component, I knew it was a perfect fit,” she reveals.

Larkin obtained her master’s degree in audiology and later, a doctorate degree from the University of Florida, one of the nation’s leading audiology universities.

After college, she and Brian moved to Florence, South Carolina.

“Our friends said we’d never find equally great jobs in our professions in the same city at the same time.  But, Brian was hired the day he interviewed with a marketing firm, and I had an offer within the week.” Larkin says.

After four years in Florence, the Larkins had an opportunity to expand their careers and moved to Mount Pleasant.

“We love the people of Mount Pleasant and knew it would be a great place to raise a family. Our daughters, Lindsay and Allie, were delivered by the same obstetrician, in the same hospital room at the exact same time of day!”

Now in their 20s, their daughters share the same spirit of academia; Lindsay as a Doctor of Optometry and recent graduate of the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis; and Allie, with degrees in biochemistry and math from the University of North Carolina Asheville, following impressive theatre accomplishments at the Charleston County School of Arts.

“Our daughters use their passions, academics and time to contribute to the community,” Dr. Larkin says. “We’re very proud of them.”

We’re certain Larkin’s patients feel the same about her.