Women Change History

I come from a very strong line of women.

My Grandmother, Verdie, lived a challenging life in central Florida with my Grandfather, (which could translate into her raising three daughters alone). My other Grandmother, Bessie, died long before I was I born. Everyone told me she could accomplish any task, from helping her husband in the dime store or the cobblers shop to raising two sons.

I also had a very accomplished step grandmother, Nora, who also worked side by side with my Grandfather to provide for my father and his brother. The three daughters Verdie raised were accomplished in their own right; though Aunt Helen and my mother, Maxine, died very young. For the last 30 plus years my Aunt Muriel has been a mentor and role model for me. She manages a very successful property management business and plays bridge several times per week.

Other women in my life include Michelle, who has traveled the world and inspires me every day; my daughter Audrey, who I spend the most time with, and who supports my efforts to run Page’s Thieves Market so that I have time to be Mayor. Audrey is a champion when it comes to household chores, including bathing my beagles. There is a special spot in my heart for the woman who loves my son. Whitney entered our family with full knowledge of the many challenges that my son has without ever questioning. It’s so comforting to know he has a reliable, competent woman to share his life with.

Then there are the incredible strong women that support me in my many roles—Christine, the talented Clerk of Council, and all the rest of the accomplished women that run our town. There’s the women at Page’s; Aimee, Jan and Denise. I couldn’t do any of my jobs without any one of them. I’m blessed to have women advisors as well. There’s my special nieces, Courtney and Ashleigh. Courtney is a machine when it comes to running a high pressure successful restaurant. My dear sweet Ashleigh is one of the best self-taught chefs I’ve ever met, and is now in school to begin a new career in massage.

I’d be remiss not to mention the women that changed history and led all the little girls like me to believe we could accomplish anything. Women engineers, scientists—those who dedicated their lives to assure we could vote and have equal rights. There are many more we need to discuss; pilots, politicians, soldiers and athletes.

I hope you are blessed to be influenced by talented strong women—maybe a mother, aunt, sister, favorite teacher or a woman in your community.

This month is dedicated to Mothers, but I believe we all have many women in our lives who love and nurture us every day. Please use this month to thank them.

And, remember, don’t just live a life… create one.