Dads and Heroes

I approach every time this year with a bittersweet remembrance. I love the fact that we have a special day to honor fathers, the men in our lives.

My nostalgia runs hot as Father’s Day draws near. “Daddy,” we called him.

He was a guiding force in our home, sharing it with five females and he didn’t complain much about blow dryers left out, makeup jumbled across the sink or any other girl stuff. He was an observer, not a talker and he loved and respected nature, happiest when he was out in it. He was an artist who dabbled in oils on canvas and built stage sets for my high school prom and beautiful toys for children’s charities. He drew and painted a tiger on the high school’s gym floor for our basketball team. A farmer at heart, he noticed the little things and the divine in everything. I don’t ever remember his hands being anything other than callused. He loved simplicity but could figure out the most complicated things, including algebra (which I abhorred) but he knew I should at least take a crack at it, because “You’re smart, Brig,” he told me. He knew the way the world worked and he was right about most things including telling me, “He’s a good one,” about my now husband who is my protector, my hero and also recognizes the divine in all things.

Fathers. Men. Men who lead by example, love with loyalty and provide guidance take their roles seriously. They are strong, patient protectors and when push comes to shove, they are there—with advice, counsel, encouragement and purpose—they know how to solve a problem, offer a hand up, a way through and they do it without pause.

Our June issue celebrates the men in our lives. You’ll read about four men in our community who feed our souls, hearts, minds and bodies with enthusiasm, experience and expertise. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them as much as we did. Check out “A Tale of Three Breweries,” just in time for sudsy summer sipping–it’s a splendid showcase of our community’s craft breweries and they’re all within minutes of one another.

Here’s to the men in our lives—fathers, husbands, grandfathers, sons, brothers—we are grateful to you, our heroes, leaders, protectors, mentors. And to my Daddy, even though he’s not in this life with me now, he is still here telling me, I’m proud of you.

Enjoy the start of summer and to all the Dads reading: Happy Father’s Day!