The Lowcountry Male

What We Love About These Guys

When I envision the typical man in the Lowcountry, I think of someone who is proficient in fishing, loves to spend time in the boat, probably owns more than one firearm and carries a pocket knife. I don’t mean to sound stereotypical with this Linda Page vision of a lowcountry male, but that’s what I see.

We are so blessed to live in an area that has such natural beauty, mild climate and access to the outdoors year round. The man who I envision most in the outdoors is my son Andy. He was practically born at the beach and prefers water to land. As a matter of fact since he broke his back several years ago, he actually functions better in water than on land in some cases. He had his first boat at five years old and was always good at catching his supper. He started shooting shotguns at three when he won his round at the local turkey shoot. I think there could be no better place to live if you love the outdoors than Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Men who live here have many outdoor opportunities, and most I know take advantage of them. Some of these activities have changed a bit since I grew up, such as stand up paddle boarding and yoga at the beach, which are as likely to be enjoyed by men as women. When I was a lot younger and spent summer days on the Isle of Palms, the women mostly laid by the shore and watched the men surf. Today there are many topnotch women surfers and just as many men enjoying the more relaxed vibe of watching.

I know for many of you the vision of outdoorsy may include a forest, a stream and perhaps a rustic cabin where the men wear flannel and chop wood to fuel smokey fires; but for this woman of Mount Pleasant, I see a guy with flip-flops and Costas, maybe wearing a Columbia fishing shirt, with Croakies stamped with the Hadrell’s Point logo.  Of course there’s the guy at the Goldbug Island Turkey Shoot wearing camo gear and sporting a choked down goose gun.

But, the cool thing about these outdoorsy men are they’re also likely to be there with their grandfathers, dads and their tow-headed sons or daughters because the best thing about Lowcountry men in the outdoors is the fact that it’s not just a life it’s a LIFESTYLE.