Embrace Deep Summer 1

July is Deep Summer.

School is out and kids’ thoughts have not yet turned to fall. Our pools and beaches overflow with young children and families. Mt Pleasant’s sport facilities are busy with programs in full swing. The humidity is up. Way up. Morning temperatures move quickly into the 90+ range. And the sun is so intense it hurts. It is unmistakably summer.

I love the Lowcountry this time of year. We come alive in the summer. It is hot but this is an outdoor culture. Boats on the water, families at the beach, kids on the ball field, cookouts on the grill. It is a time to embrace being outdoors.

My impression of summer comes from childhood. Summer was a time of no responsibilities, endless daylight, way too much time at the pool and endlessly riding bikes around my small town getting into no small degree of mischief. It was carefree, unscheduled, unscripted and absolutely wonderful. Summer went on forever.

Now there is a job that goes year round and the inescapable responsibilities of adulthood that never burdened my 10-year old self. I am a grown up now but I still view summer the same way. Summer is a time to be carefree. To play more golf, to take vacation, to sip drinks by the pool and to slow life down.

Up north summer is very much a defined season, Memorial Day to Labor Day. Fall and the deep freeze of winter is never very far away in people’s mind so it is play while you can. The Lowcountry’s year-round warm weather removes the urgency of getting out while you can but summer is still summer.

So here we are in Deep Summer. The hot, hot month of July lies before us. This time next month rumors of school beginning will rumble among our youth. We will be clearly past Summer’s halfway mark with Labor Day just over the horizon and another summer will begin slipping from our grasp.

So get out there and enjoy July – the undeniable month of summer. Embrace Deep Summer while you can savoring the relaxed attitude that will all too quickly give way to fall.