Om Sailing Charters 7

Discovering Charleston in a Spectacular Way

William Wordsworth wrote, “The ocean is a mighty harmonist.”

Imagine: The gentle knocks of the waves on a boat, the wind as it whistles through the dewy air, the sun on the horizon as it reflects off the ocean and the faint sounds of thunder rumbling in a midsummer sky.

The ocean has a mysterious way of luring us in and leaving us yearning to explore. Naturally, when Captain Banff Luther of Om Sailing Charters set out on a journey to simplify his life, the sea is where he began.

Hailing from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Luther has over twenty-five years of boating experience and has been living on cruising sailboats for over sixteen years.

Five years ago, Luther established Om Sailing Charters in Mount Pleasant. Yoga inspired, the name “Om” was born.

“The idea is that when you are meditating it brings about a calm, and that’s what the boat does for everyone… you lose all the worries of the world,” Luther explains.

Every day, Luther shares his love for the sea with locals and tourists alike.

The boat comes equipped with four staterooms (bedrooms), four heads (bathrooms), and a beautiful lounging area in the salon. The Om is a Leopard 43 Sailing Catamaran, which separates her from the competition. Catamarans are stable and do not heel (lean or tip under the influence of the wind on sails) like mono hulls, making it the perfect boat for guests to feel comfortable and safe.

The cockpit is equally as large as the interior salon. Shaded with a hard top and a cockpit table, the roomy interior easily sits six for a light picnic or full meal.

“The bow is where most spend their time sitting on the cushions over the netting, providing space for laying in the sun and feeling the breeze. It’s an incredible experience since you feel the air rushing from below you and the water occasionally splashing,” Luther says.

Guests can sail to the Battery, the Charleston harbor, Sullivan’s Island, Fort Sumter, Fort Johnson and James Island. Each cruise introduces them to iconic landmarks in a way that allows them to view and experience them as never before.

Leatherback turtles, dolphins, and diving pelicans are regular sightings.

“It’s amazing how much life is in the harbor with as many people who are out there–sailing, boating, enjoying our waterways. I lived on a sail boat for two years in North Carolina, and during the second year, I took a trip to the Bahamas,” Luther reveals. “On my way south, I found Charleston.”

Luther never takes for granted the remarkable beauty of the city that inspired him to set anchor in Mount Pleasant and the people who make the city so unique.

“We live in a very special town that really supports local businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Pack a lunch or dinner. Bring along a few sundries and wine and discover Charleston the way that it was always meant to be seen; on the water.