Siobhan Maize 9

A Mount Pleasant Mother, Adventurer, Athlete and Early Riser

Like most mothers, Siobhan Maize’s days begin early.

But, for this Mount Pleasant mother of two daughters, Alexis, 11, and Katherine, 13, the mornings aren’t just about getting the kids ready and making breakfast.

Maize, an avid endurance athlete, started running marathons in her mid-twenties and since then has completed 18 of them, along with two Ironman’s, two half-Ironman’s, the Swim Around Key West, Lowcountry Splash, several 50k and 50-mile ultra-marathons, and a number of century bike rides. She also checked the 55-mile Comrades Marathon in South Africa, off her bucket list, as well as her most recent, the Boston Marathon this past April.

She’s actually taking a break, but that break doesn’t mean that she isn’t working out. Maize swims, bikes and runs each week and lately, more strength training has been added to the list.

An early riser, she believes her schedule has much to do with her success as an athlete.

“I need to be home when my kids wake up, so I get up early, before my family. That’s when I carve out time for my workouts,” she says.

Of course, her children are a big motivator. She wants to show her kids that being healthy and fit makes for a happy life.

“I don’t want them to think I’m doing this because I want to look good,” she says. “I’m doing this because I want to show them that it is important for women to be strong too.”

Maize went to high school in the DC area and then to the University of South Carolina where she met her husband, John Maize Jr., M.D., a local dermatologist. She ran her first 5k in graduate school.

“I wasn’t athletic as a kid,” she says. “After graduate school, I wanted to run a marathon and then I just got hooked and wanted to try longer distances. I fell in love with triathlons after I had my second daughter. That’s when I signed up for the James Island Sprint Series and the Kiawah Island Triathlon.”

Maize has lived in Mount Pleasant for 14 years. She currently works part-time at Blue Sky Endurance, a triathlon clothing and gear store, located off Coleman Boulevard. She enjoys sharing her experiences with others, especially people new to the sport.

Her husband says, “She has a true desire to help others figure out how to set and meet their own athletic goals – whether they’re first timers or seasoned veterans.”

As a busy working mom, Maize finds solace in her training. “It is so peaceful to wake up before everyone else,” she says. “I love it. I see shooting stars and the moon is so beautiful.”

Maize says that it’s that sense of adventure and time alone that makes endurance training so enticing. “There is nothing that compares to that instant gratification I have after a workout.”