The Great Adventure

Sometimes we have to get outside ourselves to explore what’s really going on inside.

I think that’s why people go on adventurous quests—hiking rugged or mountainous trails that take months to complete, rock climbing and rappelling down mountains, running marathons, braving white-water rafting and sailing the open seas—all life experiences that prove our mettle and challenge the status quo of our routines. Adventures open our eyes, hearts and minds to different ways of seeing the world, and ourselves. They often lead us to places we never knew were there.

Having done many such adventurous quests when I was younger, I take a somewhat tamer approach these days. My adventures involve biking along our town’s streets or beaches instead of careening down a hilly and narrow wooded path. Walking in favor of running. Taking a two or three-hour drive to experience a sunrise or sunset somewhere else. Exploring a different coastline, visiting a city such as Manhattan or San Francisco and imagining myself living in those places—the landscape, culture and people different from where I am now.

Adventures, imagined or real are always good for the soul.

Our July issue is about the adventurous spirit that lies within each of us. You’ll get to know a Mount Pleasant woman who decided to take her love of adventure to explore the ocean’s floor; a local mom takes her athletic adventures to a whole new level and two sea-faring guys get to cruise our gorgeous waterways every day and take others with them to discover just how lucky we are to be surrounded by such stunning vistas. A local couple lets us in on how they and their company have been encouraging others to explore and find wonder in what’s around them for 25 years.

Usually, when you set out to explore one thing, you end up making all kinds of discoveries—about yourself, about others and about life in general. If we look at life as one vast, great adventure, we can approach each day—no matter how majestic or mundane it begins and ends—as a gift to open and explore.

Helen Keller wrote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Perhaps we can take a cue from our adventurous neighbors featured in this issue. They challenge themselves, take risks and embrace their adventurous spirit. Maybe the biggest risk of all is not taking any.

Here’s hoping your next great adventure is just around the corner.