Nurturers of Champions 2

Principals are leaders, mentors, counselors, managers and organizational wizards. Among their many and varied responsibilities, they plan for the future of the school and our children. They map out how to get from Point A to Point B, and ensure that all continues to go smoothly in getting there, despite constant interruptions. They direct an administrative staff and educators while juggling a heavy workload. They are experienced professionals and expert at getting the job done effectively and efficiently in the least amount of time possible.

Names to go below:

Standing from L-R:
Kevin Conklin–Belle Hall Elementary; Ryan Cumback–Moultrie Middle School; Joe Sampson–St. James-Santee Elementary; Sharron Randall–Thomas C. Cario Middle School; James Whitehair–Laing Middle School of Science and Technology

Sitting from L-R:
Karen Felder–Jennie Moore Elementary School for The Creative Arts; Lona Pounder–Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary (retiring); Cynthia Perez, new Principal–Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary; Michael Antonelli–Carolina Park Elementary School; Ashley Dorsey–Laurel Hill Primary School; Leanne Sheppard–Charles Pinckney Elementary; Jane Davis–Mount Pleasant Academy (retiring); Kim Jackson, new Principal–Mount Pleasant Academy; Susan King–Sullivan’s Island Elementary; Anna Dassing–Lucy Beckham High School (scheduled to open in 2020); Sherry Eppelsheimer–Wando High School