A Sense of Style 1

I recall playing dress up as a child, stringing my Mom’s costume jewelry around my neck, teetering around in her high heels and wearing whatever was on hand that made me feel pretty. My style evolved over the years, but I usually gravitated toward certain colors, lines and elements that made me feel, more me.

We each develop a sense of our own unique style from cues—magazine covers, those lists of the best this or that for a body type and at some point, the ease of feeling good in our own skin. Both women and men, whether they be high-fashion couture-types or a jeans and tee-shirt kind of fashionista claim their own personal style. We show ourselves to the world clothed literally and metaphorically in the colors of our true selves—an unconscious decision that reflects the essence of who we are.

Our beautiful fashion and style issue this month is a tribute to that. You’ll meet some very talented individuals who’ll guide you toward decorating yourself and your spaces—what’s in this season, as well as what best suits the you, you are.

A personal stylist and author gives tips on how to suit yourself up for success; a dermatologist combines Western medicine and holistic practices to let us in on how to “dress up” (and take care of) one of the most crucial components of style—the skin. An interior designer who has collaborated with some of the most recognized publications and designers in the country shares her vision of gorgeous home design. A children’s clothing designer and busy mom shares her story of how she and her best friend came up with designs for children that—I promise—will make you go, “Aww” when you see the pictures, and an entrepreneur and artist fashions spectacular and stunning décor, jewelry and artwork out of glass.

Special thanks go to many of our neighbors here in Mount Pleasant; Cory Dueger, Executive Director of Discovery Spotlight Models and Talent who provided the talent for our cover. A big thank you to Kylie and Kathy from Belk Men’s Store and to Kristen, Kristina and Stephanie from White House Black Market at Towne Centre who dressed them up beautifully; and finally, to Allison Williams, Director of Charleston Artist Collective who donated her crew (thanks so much Kate and Libby!) and her lovely gallery space to shoot our cover photo.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it together. Thanks for reading.