Lee Heyward 8

Dress for success

“I inspire people from the inside out,” Lee Heyward says.

Heyward is a local image strategist, personal stylist, author, wife and mother of two. She’s lived in Mount Pleasant for over 12 years and her forte and passion is helping entrepreneurs and CEOs discover how to increase their bottom line by merchandising themselves.

When it comes to achieving goals, dressing your best is very advantageous, in every aspect of one’s life. Your image is your brand.

Whether working toward a promotion, a more bountiful love life, or a desire to feel more confident, Heyward reveals tips for looking one’s best.

Dress your shape

“I have clients of all sizes, and it is non-negotiable that they feel great in what they wear,” she says. The majority of people come to me wearing clothing that is too big.”

Feeling great in your clothes is not dictated by size, and a good fit is the key to style.

“Learn your body and learn to dress your body. Whether we need to look a million places [for the perfect fit] or even alter it, never settle. When clothing fits well, you’ll feel amazing.”

Buy with the present in mind

That clothing that’s been occupying a space in your closet for months—tags still attached? Put an end to the vicious cycle of buying what you won’t wear.

“You really have to ask yourself why you are buying these items,” Heyward says. “One of my favorite quotes is that ‘if you are holding onto things, it is because you are holding onto the past or you are afraid of the future.’”

If there’s a very special event or important date in your future, or if you’ve reached a milestone such as weight loss, you won’t reach for that dress or suit that’s been in your closet for months. More than likely, you’ll want to celebrate the occasion with a new addition to your wardrobe.

Be true to your personal style

Heyward has learned from working with clients that many purchase items that they believe they should have, rather than clothing that truly serves them. Be true to yourself when revamping a wardrobe.

“That’s huge,” Heyward emphasizes. “On every list of items that you should have in your closet, you’ll see a white button-down shirt. However, perhaps that isn’t true for you. Maybe it’s just a white t-shirt or a black one.”

Dress with your goals in mind

Our lifestyles change and evolve. A personal wardrobe needs to be in tune and in touch with those changes.

Heyward recommends, “Ask yourself, to be the best version of myself, how do I want to feel?” Come up with three words that you identify with. You may say I want to feel confident, edgy, and powerful. If you put something on and don’t feel confident, edgy, and powerful, then it’s time for a change.”

Use the words you choose as a personal wardrobe guide—this method is powerful tool.

Have fun with trends

The general trend philosophy is that “trend” is a dirty word when it comes to fashion; implying it’s fleeting and won’t be in style the next season. However, Heyward sees trends as an opportunity to refresh a wardrobe.

“Really look at the hot colors,” she recommends.

Bold reds and bright oranges are hot this season—for both men and women.

“For men, it’s a bright red with a more traditional lining of the jacket and statement socks. People shy away from certain colors because they believe they look better in one color,” Heyward says. “You can always participate in a color trend with an accessory—a red shoe or a statement necklace.”