Owning My Style

Mirror mirror on the wall…which of these dresses are the prettiest of all?

I don’t have a magic mirror at home but many high end retail shops now feature them in their dressing rooms. You can now change the lighting in the fitting room, request a different size, browse through other items in the store, or interact with a sales associate through the mirror.

There isn’t one of these in any of the stores I frequent here in Mount Pleasant so for now I will continue to struggle with scanning the racks for something I like, hoping they offer it in my size and then hope it fits, and I do mean struggle. I have toyed with the concept of creating a capsule wardrobe which is identified as a wardrobe with 33 or less items, including shoes, jewelry and accessories. I really like this idea but am long resigned to running out before an event so I can have something new to wear.

Are there other options?

I was out of town recently and decided to run to the local department store to see what they may offer that I couldn’t find at home. I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of my favorite designers now offers a line called “The System.”

It’s basically eight different pieces of clothing all in a different shape which when combined are supposed to allow you multiple looks with just eight pieces. It’s a called a downsized capsule, but all the colors were black, white or grey. I think I’d get depressed if I had to look into my closet each day and select from such a monochromatic color scheme.

I’m not sure about you but I like to wear bright colors, especially on a day that I may not be feeling my best. Then there’s the shoes. I’m blessed with large feet. I have had them for a very long time. When I was in 6th grade I wore a size 10 shoe. Now, they’re even larger. This means that when I find a shoe that I like—that fits my feet—I usually buy them in several colors.

Can you see a pattern?

I am exaggerating a bit but I do find my closet expanding into the spare bedroom closet, and I usually have to store out of season items so my drawers will close, all the while exclaiming that I never have anything to wear. I have had even more challenges since I was elected Mayor because I often attend events that require a different wardrobe than what is acceptable at Page’s Thieves Market.

My everyday attire is jeans or shorts and a tee shirt, usually with the equally utilitarian pony tail. My constant accessory is a pair of reading glasses that are perched on top of my head. I keep them there so I can see and they serve double duty as a headband to control my unruly natural curly hair. I am a fashion mess.

I usually have a change of clothes in my car and have been known to use my car as a dressing room. Through all of these challenges, I feel as if I’ve created my own style, which is what fashion is really all about.

We should each strive to be ourselves, love what we look like. Live life to the fullest, because it’s important to not just live. . . but to create a life.