A Cup of Joe 36

The leaves are falling and coffee is calling!

Oh, fall! We’ve missed you a-latte! Chilly mornings, mild afternoons and cozy evenings. October is coffee season and we’ve found two local cafes to help make it even better.

Enjoy a hot espresso after sunrise yoga, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or opt for a hot craft tea to help wind down the evening. In a crunch for breakfast or lunch? Vintage Coffee Café and Tidal Grounds both offer healthy and kid friendly menu options that will make you feel good about supporting your local café.

Vintage Coffee & Café

Vintage Coffee & Cafe is a charming little spot located in the heart of Mount Pleasant near the Old Village. In 2015, owner Brian Piesner converted this quaint house into a charming café, and for the past two years, Vintage Coffee & Cafe has served as a staple in the community. It’s an ideal gathering spot for friends and families.

Inside you’ll find a bright, picturesque dining area. Their menu offers breakfast, lunch, delicious coffee drinks, beer, wine, and craft teas. The inside space comfortably seats eighteen. Outside is a roomy backyard space with plenty of outdoor seating. It’s the perfect place for kids to play, families to gather and singles to mingle, especially during October.

As a husband and father of three, Piesner opened Vintage with the vision of creating a family-oriented, family-friendly atmosphere.

“For as many places as there are in the Charleston area, there aren’t too many places that we can bring our kids and hang out and stay for a while,” Piesner says. “It’s been fun to see moms and families come in and have a good time, get some good food, and good coffee.”

Espresso drinks are Vintage’s most popular beverages, but there’s something for non-coffee drinkers as well—warm cocoa, craft teas and freshly-squeezed lemonade. Be sure to try Vintage’s seasonal special Caramel Pecan Latte.

Popular breakfast items include waffles, acai bowls, and what many patrons claim are Mount Pleasant’s best breakfast sandwiches. As for a personal breakfast recommendation?

“We have been doing really well with the acai bowls. They are quick, easy and healthy,” Piesner reveals. “Except the chocolate and peanut butter acai bowl, which is my favorite. Add some coconut, and it’s game over.”

Grab a lunch such as a grown up grilled cheese and fresh soup or salad. There’s also plenty of vegetarian friendly menu options available.

“Coffee, wine and pizza have always been a passion,” Piesner says.

Pizza passion led to Piesner opening Coastal Crust, a pizzeria located just behind Vintage Coffee & Café.

North Mount Pleasant residents can visit Vintage Coffee & Café’s newest location inside Seacoast Church on Long Point Road. Vintage Coffee & Café brings great coffee to all sides of Mount Pleasant.

Tidal Grounds

Coffee and shopping? Yes, please!

Conveniently located just four miles north of the Belle Hall Shopping Center on Highway 41, is Tidal Grounds, one of Mount Pleasant’s newest additions to the local café scene.

In July 2016, manager Janelle Starrett combined her love of art and coffee and turned it into a vibrant business.

Tidal Grounds has a lively and energetic environment; perfect for work from home professionals or those looking to expand their creative outlets. With handcrafted decorum and fresh cut flowers on each table, Tidal Grounds feels like a home away from home.

“We try to make it very intimate,” Starrett says. “Much of the art that you see inside, my mom and I either made or decorated. My dad crafted the tables. Where ever there is art here, it was made by us and other artistic souls.”

Starrett’s appreciation for the arts shows itself in the Tidal Grounds menu as well. Espresso art is a specialty here, and while the menu does include some original favorites (such as espresso, hot cocoa, fresh squeezed lemonade and signature teas), the creativity in their hand-crafted beverages sets them apart.

“My personal favorite creation is our honey lavender latte,” Starrett admits.

Tidal Grounds’ honey lavender latte is made with their own organic lavender syrup. Other popular and unique favorites include flash-chilled iced coffee, raspberry mocha (think chocolate covered raspberries!) and caramel brown sugar latte.

Being one of the few cafés in Mount Pleasant open past 6:00 pm, Tidal Grounds is ideal for late night studies or date night with coffee and dessert. Food menu items include tasty pastries and desserts from local bakeries such as Bakies, Brown’s Court Bakery & Wildflour Pastry. Seasonal quiches are also available.

“We want to be a place where people can come and expand their creative outlet,” Starrett states. “We have a lot of artists and authors come in who draw and finish books. We enjoy being involved in that part of Mount Pleasant.”

With accommodating hours and excellent, free Wi-Fi, Starrett and her team encourage all to take their time and make themselves at home at Tidal Grounds Café.