Brown Fox Coffee 13

A Mobile Coffee Shop Finds a Permanent Home in Mount Pleasant

Brown Fox Coffee sits at the corner of Rose Lane and Simmons Street in the heart of Mount Pleasant.

Thoughts that come to mind as you approach are “quaint and cool.” It was once a mobile coffee shop and one that was in the perfect spot—right across from Moultrie Middle School and, when in season, the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.

Elizabeth “Biz” Foxworth wanted to open a coffee shop and wanted to make sure she went about it the right way. The initial idea began in early 2014 when she was in Edisto with her mother. They saw the need for a coffee shop there, but realized it would have to be seasonal.

“I just blurted out, ‘it would need to be a mobile,’” Foxworth remembers. “And my mom said, ‘that’s it!’”

She decided mobile was the way to go and started the business in Mount Pleasant out of a 16-foot enclosed trailer in early 2015. With the help of her husband, Shawn Foxworth and some other family and friends, the trailer was outfitted with everything needed to perk up some great coffee and transformed into Brown Fox Coffee.

Just after Labor Day, Foxworth opened her business in the small brick and mortar building where she has parked her mobile coffee shop for over two years. Other than attending events, the mobile Brown Fox Coffee had a home there at that same busy corner. Now, it’s just a bit more permanent.

“I grew up in the Old Village,” Foxworth says. “And because of my location here, I have built a following. I wanted to keep this location and when the opportunity came up to move into this building I was so excited.”

Foxworth loved the idea of lower overhead costs and less maintenance with her mobile coffee truck. She’s decided to remain a walk-up only coffee shop at her new, more permanent digs.

“There are tables outside, but I wanted a smaller concept so that I can focus on the quality of the coffee,” she says.

Foxworth wants to reassure patrons of the mobile Brown Fox she didn’t get rid of her trailer. She plans on using it for more events in the area and currently sets it up every year at the Volvo Car Open on Daniel Island, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in downtown Charleston, the Pit Street Stroll and many area farmers markets.

Another important aspect of Foxworth’s business is giving back.

“I am a follower of Christ and I wanted my business to be for good, not just for money making,” she says.

She has helped Be the Match, a national bone marrow organization, a friend and volunteer nurse in Tanzania and other personal, charitable opportunities close to her heart, one being giving to a couple who adopted a child.

“I really just help where ever my heart feels called. And my husband and I are actively pursuing adoption for ourselves,” she says with excitement.

Foxworth grew up in Mount Pleasant and is thrilled that Brown Fox Coffee has a permanent place in the community.

“It was my love of coffee and my love for serving people that brought me to where I am today. I just feel so blessed.”