House of Brews 14

Your Local Neighborhood Pub & Shop Serving up Beer, Coffee and Tea

Sitting back off Ben Sawyer Boulevard, between nearby Old Village and the Sullivan’s Island Bridge, is an unassuming building. The sign in front of it reads “House of Brews.”

Inside lies a beer lover’s paradise. There’s beer from all over the world—to enjoy in the courtyard or as you shop—and to take home in growlers.

Although beer is the main draw with over 700 labels featured, House of Brews focuses on all things brewed, including loose leaf and prepackaged teas and coffees.

Owner Rob Davis and his wife, Brie Worden, wanted to own and run a House of Brews for several years before actually doing so. Before living in the Lowcountry, the couple lived in D.C. and the business wasn’t viable or affordable there.

In 2009, Worden’s company transferred them to Charleston.

“It was during my wife’s lunch break when she was browsing Craigslist that she saw the building pop up. We set up a meeting the next day and began negotiations,” Davis says.

Shortly afterwards, House of Brews officially opened on June 24, 2011.

Davis managed a bar through college, so he knew the ins and outs of that side of the business. While in D.C., he got to know the distribution side of selling beer and wine. He credits both with helping him in the retail side of things.

“The goal was to create a laid-back atmosphere for people to drink good beer, hang out with friends and shop for unique beers,” Davis says.

He explains that before, there were pockets of people into craft beer, but now the whole market has really taken ahold of the movement.

“It’s crazy how much craft beer has exploded. Initially when we opened there were four breweries and now it’s up to 26,” Davis says.

To keep up with everything Davis does extensive research, reading up on new releases, finding exciting new flavors, trends and different seasonal variations.

“If we can get people to try something they’ve never had before and they like it, then that’s a win for everybody,” he says.

Community and giving back is important to Davis, as he feels fortunate to have House of Brews open and take off in Mount Pleasant.

They host a pig pickin’s (barbeque, fixings and beer selections) during the year and proceeds are donated to a local veteran’s network, Tri-County Veterans Support Network. Near Christmas, they host a Toys for Tots drive—drop off a toy, get a free draft.

When asked about the future of House of Brews, Davis laughs and says this is something he thinks about every day.

“Since we’ve opened, I’ve had two young children. I think the idea was to do multiple locations, but with them that’s trickier. The sky’s the limit, but for now we want to make sure we have this store on lock down,” he says.

Davis credits the clientele with the success of House of Brews.

“The locals kept us here. There’s no way we can express our appreciation for how good Mount Pleasant has been to us both as a business and as a family. This is where I plan to stay, raise my children and grow old,” Davis says.