Open-Hearted October

I love the month of October. Fall is my favorite season and October is when I feel the first fresh bite of it. In the Lowcountry, fall is slow in coming, but October feels like an open-hearted friend to me, welcome and expansive in its colors, smells and snaps of cool air, free from any weighty humidity. We unpack our…

Pitt Street Pharmacy Celebrates 80 Years

Thousands of people converged on Old Village to celebrate Pitt Street Pharmacy's 80th Birthday. Pitt Street was open only for pedestrian traffic while the street was filled with families, rides, face painting artists and food vendors. Congressman Mark Sanford was present greeting constituents.

October Days       

With October upon us, you definitely know summer is over. The worst of Charleston's summer is like the worst of winter up north - you remain mostly closed up inside venturing out when you must. I will still take a hot Charleston summer over a cold northern winter any day even though our heat and humidity at its worst is…

Not So Strange Brew

It’s no secret that the craft beer craze has exploded in recent years and with it has come an influx of breweries to the area. Many are now taking the concept of craft beer to their homes as they explore home brewing. For Peter Kinslow, home brewing started out as a hobby. But, after being laid off from his 27-year…

Fizzy Memories of Beer & Football in the Lowcountry

It's that time of year....we 're several weeks into college football season and the tailgates are full on. I was raised in a beer drinker’s household. Dad loved a cold PBR and Mom liked Milwaukee's Best. When I was old enough to drink (18 then not 21 like today), I preferred the Miller Ponies because they stayed cold. My taste…

Coach Chad Grier

Chad Grier didn’t become a football coach just because he loved the game. He became a football coach because of his passion for working with young people and being able to make a difference in their lives. The fact that he happened to be good at football and enjoyed playing was icing on the cake.

Brown Fox Coffee

Brown Fox Coffee sits at the corner of Rose Lane and Simmons Street in the heart of Mount Pleasant. Thoughts that come to mind as you approach are “quaint and cool.” It was once a mobile coffee shop and one that was in the perfect spot—right across from Moultrie Middle School and, when in season, the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.

A Cup of Joe

Oh, fall! We’ve missed you a-latte! Chilly mornings, mild afternoons and cozy evenings. October is coffee season and we’ve found two local cafes to help make it even better. Enjoy a hot espresso after sunrise yoga, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or opt for a hot craft tea to help wind down the evening. In a crunch for breakfast or lunch?…

House of Brews

Sitting back off Ben Sawyer Boulevard, between nearby Old Village and the Sullivan’s Island Bridge, is an unassuming building. The sign in front of it reads “House of Brews.” Inside lies a beer lover’s paradise. There’s beer from all over the world—to enjoy in the courtyard or as you shop—and to take home in growlers. Although beer is the main…

A Sense of Style

I recall playing dress up as a child, stringing my Mom’s costume jewelry around my neck, teetering around in her high heels and wearing whatever was on hand that made me feel pretty. My style evolved over the years, but I usually gravitated toward certain colors, lines and elements that made me feel, more me.