Open-Hearted October

I love the month of October. Fall is my favorite season and October is when I feel the first fresh bite of it. In the Lowcountry, fall is slow in coming, but October feels like an open-hearted friend to me, welcome and expansive in its colors, smells and snaps of cool air, free from any weighty humidity. We unpack our…

A Sense of Style

I recall playing dress up as a child, stringing my Mom’s costume jewelry around my neck, teetering around in her high heels and wearing whatever was on hand that made me feel pretty. My style evolved over the years, but I usually gravitated toward certain colors, lines and elements that made me feel, more me.

The School of Life

I would be a perpetual student if I could. I loved school. I was a little disappointed when summer rolled around. After all, you can only spend so much time in the backyard making mud pies, catching fireflies and having water balloon fights.

The Great Adventure

Sometimes we have to get outside ourselves to explore what’s really going on inside. I think that’s why people go on adventurous quests—hiking rugged or mountainous trails that take months to complete, rock climbing and rappelling down mountains, running marathons, braving white-water rafting and sailing the open seas—all life experiences that prove our mettle and challenge the status quo of…

Dads and Heroes

I approach every time this year with a bittersweet remembrance. I love the fact that we have a special day to honor fathers, the men in our lives. My nostalgia runs hot as Father’s Day draws near. “Daddy,” we called him.

Dear Moms

The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day. May is my favorite month; it’s my birth month and usually, May’s weather, in all parts of the country, is steady, sure and accommodating. Like a mother. When my sisters and I were children, we’d wear red roses on our dresses on Mother’s Day Sunday. Where I grew up, red flowers meant…

Glorious Spring

What is it about spring that makes us feel happier, lighter and more youthful? William Shakespeare wrote, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” He was right about that—April is usually when we begin to recognize the first buds of the season; feel that lightness of spirit. Though the New Year brings a sense of new beginnings, we…

Creativity Takes Courage

As I begin this new journey as Editor of Mount Pleasant Lifestyle Magazine, I do so with an open heart. The publishers, writers, photographers and staff who helped me create our first arts-themed issue are consummate professionals—artists—in their own right and I’m incredibly honored to work with them.

Doing what you love

This month will be my last one with Mount Pleasant Lifestyle magazine. I have so enjoyed helping get this publication off the ground and being a part of a fantastic inaugural team. In the six short months I have spent getting to know you and our community better, I feel infinitely more connected to those around me than I did…

Letter from the Editor

If I have learned anything from my recent jaunt into yoga, it's that for every advancement you make in your physical fitness, you make two in your mental health. What started out as a way to tone arms and increase stamina turned into my go-to way to relieve mental stress and anxiety. After 30 years of being an on-again-off-again exerciser,…