October Days       

With October upon us, you definitely know summer is over. The worst of Charleston's summer is like the worst of winter up north - you remain mostly closed up inside venturing out when you must. I will still take a hot Charleston summer over a cold northern winter any day even though our heat and humidity at its worst is…

Publisher Letter — September Issue

I like nice clothes. I always have. In our current era of casual everything-everywhere I am the one to dress up. I never wear blue jeans to work. Or on a plane. My wife claims I own more shoes than any man she knows. How she know this is a mystery to me.

Meet Ingrid Singstad

Meet Ingrid. She's our newest foreign exchange student - tall, blond and Norwegian. Arriving August 12, she begins at Academic Magnet High School on August 17 and will be a daughter to us for the next year. We cannot wait. It is going to be a great year, certain to change us all.

Embrace Deep Summer

July is Deep Summer. School is out and kids' thoughts have not yet turned to fall. Our pools and beaches overflow with young children and families. Mt Pleasant's sport facilities are busy with programs in full swing. The humidity is up. Way up. Morning temperatures move quickly into the 90+ range. And the sun is so intense it hurts. It…

Determination Can Carry You A Long Way

Three days each week my wife and I wake up at 5 AM trudging our way down along the still quiet streets of Mt Pleasant to LTP Tennis and Swimming on Mathis Ferry Rd for 75 minutes of practice with the Palmetto Masters Swim Club. Masters swimming is competitive swimming for adults and perhaps surprisingly for a sport where 95% of the…

Moving Once, Moving Twice

I hate moving. Twice. Ugh. It's one of the reasons we lived in the same place for more than 20 years. We lived in a comfortable home in which we raised our children and had many dear friends in the community. And then Charleston beckoned.

Pub Talk

If I lived in Des Moines would anyone ever visit? There is a lot to love about the Lowcountry - the weather, our welcoming Charleston culture, food!, the ocean, Southern hospitality and the list goes on. There's a reason Charleston is consistently ranked as a top tourist destination. What this means to us...is visitors... or as I say, the "Florida…

Pub Talk

I love the movies. I’m so grateful that I’m married to a woman who enjoys them as much as I do. We love going to Mount Pleasant Towne Center. And, what a local delight Cinnebarre is. Cinebarre’s motto is "Eat. Drink. Watch movies." I mean, you can enjoy a beer and wings brought right to your seat. How cool is…

Pub Talk

Who doesn't enjoy Charleston's winters? Seriously. As our Northern friends and kinfolk shiver with bitter winter temperatures we enjoy what I call, Charleston Cold. It's a cold we complain about, but it's not really cold.

Pub Talk

A new year, a new start. There's something encouraging about new beginnings and starting fresh around a new year. It offers the opportunity to re-do or undo past errors.